Our Mission & Our Vision

Our Mission & Our Vision


To provide an uninterrupted quality, effective and reliable health service, with respecting patient rights, focused on patient and employee satisfaction and safety, whitch guided by the standards of the ministry, following ethical rules, educated, offering the right diagnosis at the right time with the best health technology, regardless of religion, language, race and gender.


To be a pioneering contemporary hospital in education and research that provides quality care with continuous improvement in health services for advanced examination and treatment in line with the needs and expectations of the patients, and to increase efficiency and efficiency.


Professional management team with all employees who prioritize medical ethics,

Based on accreditation standards, focusing on patient and employee safety,satisfaction of patient / patient relatives and employee

Lawful, socially responsible, respectful to patient rights,

To serve in accordance with mission and vision appropriate to education, research and service delivery environment by using measurement / improvement techniques.